We all talk constantly about home automation. Why wouldn’t we? It’s fabulous! There’s so much value you can add to your home and so much convenience you can add to your life by making your home a smart one. So, why wouldn’t you consider doing the same for your office? Here are three ways you can boost productivity with office automation.

Throw A Party

Yes, office automation can help you throw a party for your employees. Get togethers outside of the office help to promote positive feelings and bonds among co-workers and help to alleviate the stress that comes along with a fast-paced, results-driven work environment. How on earth is an automated office going to help you throw a party for your employees? It’s going to save you money, that’s how.

By managing the HVAC system and lighting in each room to optimum energy efficient settings with your newly automated office, you can save your business a good chunk of change. Set the blinds to open at just the right height during the day to utilize natural light and always keep the office at a comfy temperature—not too hot and not too cold. This can all be done from your desktop, laptop, or cell phone so you no longer have to rely on employees to ensure your energy goals are being met.

With all that money you will save from being so energy efficient you can throw a shindig for your employees to keep morale up and boost productivity.

Keep Them Safe

Regardless of where your office is located, there are always some dangers lurking out there. Even in the best parts of town, it’s best to utilize a security system and cameras so you can keep an eye on the goings on around your place of business. This will give employees a sense of security knowing that their employer is looking out for them at all times.

As an added bonus, cameras inside the workspace will keep them honest. (It’s so hard to enjoy Facebook during the workday when you know that you’re being watched!)

Be Entertaining

The droll, cubicle is a thing of the past. (Just ask one of the most successful companies on the planet: Google. Their employees have little rest areas to nap, games to play, gourmet eats, and free childcare.) These kinds of benefits are amazing when it comes to employee productivity, because sometimes your brain just needs a break. Now we aren’t suggesting that you go out and buy a bunch of foosball tables and hire a chef—although if you can afford it, that’s not the worst idea in the world—but offering the people who work in your office a little entertainment on the job is a great idea to help with lame productivity levels.

For a small fix, add an entertainment system to your office where employees can turn on the jams or catch a flick on their lunch break. They’ll definitely be feeling refreshed when it’s time to start work once again.

Make Your Office A Smart Office

Home (or office!) automation has many great perks, so definitely consider going for the gold and installing the whole package. Your employees will thank you for the little extras you provide and your bottom line will also benefit. When you are ready to take your office environment to the next level, call KMAC Electrical and we’ll help you make your office a little smarter.

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