Home automation is convenient and energy efficient making it a spectacular solution for the everyday dwelling. But what about those disabled or elderly individuals who simply can’t do everything on their own? A smart home is a smart choice for anyone who need a home that can assist with their basic needs. We’ve moved from a human caregiver to a responsive environment.

A Home That Can Sense Your Presence

This technology is truly amazing. Now we have homes that can actually sense people and determine which room they are in. Security cameras at the entrance will alert the system as to when visitors arrive and the homeowner will be directly notified wherever they may be at the time through a video. The homeowner can then tell the house if the person at the door should be granted access or not.

The extra security measures are essential for anyone who is frail and may not be able to handle things if a bad situation arises.

Automated Regular Functions

Through a phone or tablet, the homeowner will be able to switch on lights, open and close blinds, lock or unlock locks, and manage their stereo system. To you and me, this might seem very trivial, but for an individual who struggles to move around and can’t reach high or low places easily, these simple features are seriously important for independence and basic comfort.

Temperature is a big thing for the elderly in particular. It’s hard for them to be comfortable sometimes, and having just the right temperature in the home on a daily basis is quite important. With the touch of a button on their phone or tablet, the homeowner can efficiently manage their home’s temperature settings and be as comfortable as possible.

Appliances That Talk

Another aspect of home automation that is incredibly convenient for the disabled and elderly are appliances that communicate with them. A broken refrigerator could spell disaster for someone who can only get to the store once a week, and if they are unable to move around well, it could be near impossible for them to investigate. If the refrigerator tells them that something is wrong however, they can easily call for assistance.

Microwaves that recognize food and washing machines that mention that there is a water leak are important tools for those who can’t easily help themselves.

Taking The Smart Home To The Next Level

Health care is expensive, and this couldn’t be more true than for the older generations—especially those who need living assistance. Home automation is a cost-effective alternative which will not only end up saving money over the course of time, but it will also give the person who needs help a renewed sense of independence.

Does someone you love need some assistance to live safely on their own? Contact KMAC Electrical today to learn how we can outfit their home so they can continue to live comfortably without a nurse or moving to another arrangement. Our professionals look forward to making a difference in your life!

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