Air Conditioning Upgrades For Gold Coast Residents

The secret is out! Australia’s Gold Coast is a pleasant place to be. The sun, sand, and surf draw in tourists from all over the globe. We, however, are the lucky ones, because we get to call this beautiful place home.

Along with all the sunshine, however, comes some serious heat. Hot days can be particularly dangerous for the very young and the elderly, but it can still certainly have an impact on anyone. For those seriously hot days, the only answer is air conditioning. Not all air conditioning is created equal, however.

No one is knocking that window unit that you’re rocking, but in the long term, it’s simply not economical. These units are energy suckers, for sure, and because they are typically designed to keep just one room cool, you might need several if you plan on keeping your entire house at a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

This can be problematic, and no one wants that, especially when it’s hot out. Keep things simple and do some upgrading. Here are some changes you can make to your air conditioning to keep things at home simply cool.

Split A/C

This option is a big step up from the traditional window unit. A split A/C consists of a compressor which sits outside and the internal unit which sucks in the hot air and shoots out the cool air. These are much more quiet than a window air conditioner and can easily be placed in rooms without windows.

These units won’t take up too much space and aren’t likely to have much of an affect on your home decor. It’s a space saver, for sure.

Central Air

Homes that already have a duct system are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from becoming really, really cool. Just like with the split A/C unit, central air is made up of a compressor that sits outside, but for this kind of system, the cool air is pumped through ducts and is distributed to many rooms in the dwelling.

While the unit that sits outside can be very noisy, the sound indoors should be quite minimal. This allows everyone to stay comfy indoors in every room of the house.

The Cassette

We all know that heat rises, so having air conditioning on the ceiling is a great way to keep things cool. A cassette air conditioner can be very stylish and they are known for being incredibly effective. These are discretely placed on ceilings and are ideal for both the home and the office.

The best part? Typically, no ducts are required.

Are You Ready To Get Cool?

Our coldest says are the equivalent to the absolute warmest in many other destinations. The stunning Australian sunshine typically keeps things hot, which means that KMAC Electrical is always available on the Gold Coast to cool things down. When life starts to heat up, give us a call if you’d like to upgrade your air conditioning, or even if you have some questions. Our highly qualified professionals are ready to help you out.

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