The Benefits of C-BUS Control System with Push Controls

The advancements in technology are contributing to make our lives easier. Home automation, being one aspect of technology has come a long way as now we have got devices which gives us the virtual control of our home. Whether it is switching on a fan, opening your front door, and other similar tasks are now possible from the comfort of your bed. One such device is CBUS Control System. Basically, it is a microprocessor controlled wiring system which is useful for energy management and lighting control. It provides a number of benefits, three of which are listed below:

  1. Easy to Use: CBUS is really easy to use. It is a smart system that easily controls all the electronic systems which contain Sensors, Detectors, General Units and Infrared units. It comes with a touch controller which helps it (the hardware) to work efficiently.
  2. Convenient and Affordable: CBUS is affordable and comparatively cheaper when compared to its competitors. It is simply an amazing technology at a very competitive price.
  3. Completely Programmable: This benefit, i.e. the ability to be completely programmed makes the CBUS stand out. Users can simply program it however they want it to work. It is completely customizable, just to meet the needs and requirements of its users.

Although CBUS comes with its own software but integrating it with Push Controls, a software application for your mobile devices, makes CBUS work more diligently and efficiently. Introduced by Schneider Electric, Push Controls adds more meaning to the use of CBUS, some of the advantages Push Control provides to it users, when integrated with CBUS are:

  1. Flexibility: Push controls is super flexible as it gives the opportunity to operate a range of different devices. The user can simply integrate the device with CBUS which is itself integrates with Push controls and then simply use it to make your living easier.
  2. Comfort: Since Push controls is a software application for your mobile devices, you can easily control all your home from your couch. With the tap of button in the Push Controls app, you can turn on the lights, lower down the temperatures, open your home’s main door and perform a number of similar tasks to make your living comfortable.
  3. Control: Push controls can control everything. Your home’s lighting, temperature, security cameras, you name it. Push controls give you the control over your living and does a great job in making it efficient.

Push Controls


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