Pros and Cons of LED Lighting for Home

Pros and Cons of LED Lighting for Home

Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs for short, have become a topic of great interest for people as the awareness of their environmental friendly nature and economic benefits start to spread. Being used primarily as a form of lighting in small electronic devices, LED lighting has come a long way as it is now quite usually used for creation of spectacular effects at events and concerts. Therefore, it has become advanced enough to now be used for everyday purposes around the home. Since a lot of misleading information about LEDs is being spread in the market, this article is written to educate consumers and home owners about the potential of this extraordinary form of lighting. To keep the pattern of this article both educational and easy on the eyes, it is divided into two parts, lists in particular, one each for the pros and cons of LED lighting.
Installing LEDs can become a revolutionary step to improve the efficiency and cut on the cost of electricity. Among many countless benefits, here are a few of the most important ones:
Long-Lasting: LEDs have a comparatively longest lifespan which ranges from 35,000 to 50,000 hours when compared to 750 to 2,000 hours for incandescent bulbs and 8,000 to 10,000 hours for CFLs. This factor ultimately saves you future maintenance and cost.
High Efficiency: LEDs increase the efficiency and lowers the power usage when compared to its competitors.
Low Temperature: Because LEDs have a comparatively lower heat output, their part in increase of temperature is negligible.
Size: The small size of LEDs make them prime choice of consumers as they can be used in spaces that might be too small for incandescent bulbs.
Durable: Since LEDs are not made from glass, they are not easily breakable like incandescent bulbs.
Low UV Output: LEDs have a lower ultraviolet and infra-red output which lowers the risk of fire, especially when compared with incandescent lights.
Faster to Switch: The switching time for LEDs is faster and they are less likely to be damaged by on off cycles.
Environment Friendly: Since LEDs don’t increase the temperature, or emit CO2, they are considered the most environment friendly when compared with its other counterparts.
Variety of Colours: LEDs are available in a vast variety of colours, which makes home improvements and decorations much more efficient. Such LEDs can also be setup to dynamically change colour.
Like all of the other lighting solutions available, LEDs also have their cons, some of which are compiled in the following list:
Expensive to Purchase: Although the power consumption of LEDs is less than incandescent lights but the upfront cost of purchasing them is much higher.
Non-Dimmable Types: Some LEDs are non-dimmable, therefore it is advised to know the specifications of LEDs of your choice before making the purchase.
Compatibility Issues: Some LEDs might not be compatible with usual and existing dimmers, which can pose a problem for you.
Risk of Failure at High Temperatures: Under high temperature conditions, there is a chance that LEDs may fail prematurely.
Efficiency Can Degrade Over Life: The efficiency of LEDs, including colour quality and light output can decrease over life.
Less Resources Available: Since LEDs is a comparatively new technology, getting advice and accurate specifications can prove to be difficult.
Because the pros of LED lighting outweigh the cons of it, KMAC Electrical highly recommend the use of LEDs and to make them the primary lighting solution for your home and business.

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5 Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home Design

There’s so much that goes into effective, aesthetically pleasing interior design. Color, texture, feng shui. On Australia’s Gold Coast, one of the aspects of interior design that homeowners forget to account for is natural light. It sounds so simple, though, doesn’t it? There’s actually a bit more you can do instead of opening some windows! Here are five ways that you can incorporate natural light into your home’s design.

1. Pull Back Those Shades

Open the shades and let a little light in! While window treatments definitely add flair to any space, it’s important to take notice of how they are effecting the light. Thick drapes may be blocking out the sun and keeping the natural light from flowing about your space. If you want to incorporate more of the sun’s rays into your interior design, pull back the window treatments or trade them in for a lighter version that allows a little more sun flow.

2. Keep Things Light

You may love a deep mauve on your walls for color and style, but if you want to utilize some natural light for the space, mauve certainly is not your best option. Lighter colors better reflect sunlight, so if you want a room illuminated by natural light, opt for something a little brighter and you won’t have to go heavy on lamps, and chandeliers, and the like.

3. Don’t Block The Windows

Arranging furniture can be a challenge, especially in smaller spaces. If you are trying to design a small space, however, there’s even more reason to keep bigger, bulkier objects away from the windows—to let more light in. Whenever possible, keep the windows free and clear and the natural light will come pouring in.

4. Add Mirrors

One great way to add natural light to a space is to double up on the light you already have available to you. You can do this with strategically placed mirrors which will reflect the sunlight back throughout the room and give it a much brighter atmosphere. (Plus, mirrors can be a fun and unique design choice!)

5. Test Out The Big Changes

There’s just about a zillion ways to let light into your home. “Experiment” with different bigger ideas by using an online room designer to add skylights, accent windows, and doors with windows to see how it will change the tone and lighting in each one of your spaces. You can make big changes and see how they will affect your space without actually having to demo a thing. Now you can be an interior designer too! It’s pretty fun to try.

When Natural Light Simply Isn’t Enough On The Gold Coast

These five tips will surely help you discover new ways to utilize natural light in your home’s interior design, but on Australia’s Gold Coast, sunlight isn’t always enough. When this is the case, call KMAC Electrical. We can help you choose and install light fixtures that compliment your room’s current design and help you pick out the fixtures that will really make your home shine.

How Do We Get Solar Energy At Night?

It’s impossible not to love solar energy—it’s clean, it’s renewable, and it’s reliable. We’d soak up the sun’s rays 24 hours a day if we could, but we can’t. During one hour of daylight, the sun gives us enough energy to power the people of earth for a year. What happens to our beloved clean energy when the sun goes down?

Energy is most in demand during the nighttime hours. We get home from our jobs, cook dinner, turn on the TV, use all the lights in the house, start the laundry. Unfortunately, we need power the most when it is least available. There is, thankfully, some solutions to this dilemma.

Utilizing The Sun’s Heat

Light is not an easy thing to store, but heat is. (Well, easier at least.) The big solar energy plants utilize a salt-based approach to harness the heat that the sun gives because it is extremely cost effective, melts at very high temperatures, and conducts electricity. While this strategy certainly works, it isn’t ideal because although it is clean, it isn’t as cost effective as burning natural gases or fossil fuels.

Other plants use the solar energy and heat to power turbines that generate power that way.

Staying Connected To The Grid

When you provide your own energy via solar panels at home or at the office, staying connected to the grid actually has some stellar benefits. Your panels are likely to make more energy during the day than you will need. This energy gets pumped back into the system and then the power company provides you with that energy at night when you aren’t getting any from your system. If you end up using less energy than your system is making and you take back at night to power your home, the local power company usually pays for the extra energy you contribute to the system.

Get A Battery Back-Up

The extra power your panels absorb during the day can be stored into a battery pack which you can draw energy from at night when you don’t have an active energy source. This is a particularly good option when a home or office doesn’t have a reliable grid nearby to draw from. Agricultural systems in particular tend to use battery-powered back up systems.

Solar Power For The Future

The bad news about solar energy is that we can’t get it at night so proper storage is necessary if we are going to continue to utilize a clean, renewable energy source when the sun goes down. Scientists are constantly working on finding new ways to make solar power more efficient and that includes coming up with ways to extract power at night. For now, we have some pretty great solutions to use until those solutions evolve and get even better.

Are you ready to go solar? KMAC Electrical can help. Contact us today to learn how our certified professionals can get you headed down the path to a cleaner, more affordable energy solution. We have just the expertise you need to get started on the path toward success.

Air Conditioning Upgrades For Gold Coast Residents

The secret is out! Australia’s Gold Coast is a pleasant place to be. The sun, sand, and surf draw in tourists from all over the globe. We, however, are the lucky ones, because we get to call this beautiful place home.

Along with all the sunshine, however, comes some serious heat. Hot days can be particularly dangerous for the very young and the elderly, but it can still certainly have an impact on anyone. For those seriously hot days, the only answer is air conditioning. Not all air conditioning is created equal, however.

No one is knocking that window unit that you’re rocking, but in the long term, it’s simply not economical. These units are energy suckers, for sure, and because they are typically designed to keep just one room cool, you might need several if you plan on keeping your entire house at a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

This can be problematic, and no one wants that, especially when it’s hot out. Keep things simple and do some upgrading. Here are some changes you can make to your air conditioning to keep things at home simply cool.

Split A/C

This option is a big step up from the traditional window unit. A split A/C consists of a compressor which sits outside and the internal unit which sucks in the hot air and shoots out the cool air. These are much more quiet than a window air conditioner and can easily be placed in rooms without windows.

These units won’t take up too much space and aren’t likely to have much of an affect on your home decor. It’s a space saver, for sure.

Central Air

Homes that already have a duct system are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from becoming really, really cool. Just like with the split A/C unit, central air is made up of a compressor that sits outside, but for this kind of system, the cool air is pumped through ducts and is distributed to many rooms in the dwelling.

While the unit that sits outside can be very noisy, the sound indoors should be quite minimal. This allows everyone to stay comfy indoors in every room of the house.

The Cassette

We all know that heat rises, so having air conditioning on the ceiling is a great way to keep things cool. A cassette air conditioner can be very stylish and they are known for being incredibly effective. These are discretely placed on ceilings and are ideal for both the home and the office.

The best part? Typically, no ducts are required.

Are You Ready To Get Cool?

Our coldest says are the equivalent to the absolute warmest in many other destinations. The stunning Australian sunshine typically keeps things hot, which means that KMAC Electrical is always available on the Gold Coast to cool things down. When life starts to heat up, give us a call if you’d like to upgrade your air conditioning, or even if you have some questions. Our highly qualified professionals are ready to help you out.

5 Ways To Save On Electrical Work

It’s no secret that hiring an electrician can be costly, but we want you to get high-quality service without breaking the bank. (Everyone needs to save some cash these days, and good deals are hard to come by!) A few little tips and tricks can help homeowners complete the electrical work they need done at an affordable price, so here it goes!

1. Go Green At Home

Easily the best advice we have to offer you is to ensure you are doing your utmost to be cost effective at home. Making the switch to energy efficient light bulbs and things like motion lights for outside will help reduce your bill. Home automation systems, such as lighting that turns itself off or smart appliances, will help you conserve both energy and cash.

It’s important to stay dedicated to energy efficiency—for more reasons than one.

2. Stay Current

Furthermore, many electrical issues arise because of fixtures or wiring that are too old, so if you make a point to upgrade your fixtures and systems, the chance that they will become outdated is far less likely than it would be if you kept your original systems in place until they started to give you trouble.

There are always new and innovative products hitting the market, and with a little bit of research, you can easily determine if your systems are out of date or not. Waiting until things go wrong can be a very costly mistake.

3. Always Be Aware

A very important tip when it comes to electrical safety and saving money on repairs is to always be aware of your surroundings. There are some definite danger signs like exposed wires or buzzing light fixtures that are telling you something is wrong. When you notice these red flags, it’s time to call a professional.

If you wait until an electrical fire breaks out, the price tag will be much higher, and worse yet, someone could be seriously hurt. Avoid all the potential problems by knowing the danger signs and acting fast.

4. Start Bundling

On the other hand, not every “problem” requires immediate assistance. Most electricians charge by the hour, not by the project, so you can save on your electrical work if you make a running list of things to be fixed. Things like “new outlet in the living room” and “upgraded circuit breaker” are usually things that you can safely put off for a month or two.

Bundling your electrical work is also good because you already know what you need done. Many people who call for a professional electrician on the Gold Coast need help determining what the problem is. Because these electricians charge by the hour, searching for an issue instead of simply fixing it will add unnecessary additional charges—and quickly.

5. Look Past The Price

Everyone wants to save, so it’s not uncommon for homeowners to just hire the company with the lowest rate. If you want to save money, you need to be aware that there’s more to it than that. If a highly qualified professional with his own tools and parts comes to your home, it will cost less than hiring an electrician who doesn’t work as quickly or efficiently and has to charge you extra for all the parts required to complete the job.

Talk to your potential hires and find out exactly what their rate includes, what they supply, and how much legitimate experience they have. A little bit of research could save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

Do you need some cost effective electrical services completed for your home on Australia’s Gold Coast? KMAC Electrical can help with that. Give us a call today!

Energy Efficiency: The Way To Impress Your Boss

Knowledge is powerful in the workplace. If you are looking to advance, you must be able to impress your boss in more ways than one. Lots of people are great at their job responsibilities, but not everyone can think at such a high level as to be useful to the entire business. With tips and tricks to help your boss save money, you can position yourself as indispensable for your company.

It’s The Little Things

Every manager and business owner is concerned with the bottom line. If you go above and beyond your typical duties and present them with effective ways to save money, your bosses will have no choice but to take you seriously. How awesome would that be?

You start by doing your research when it comes to the things you use in the office. Do you really need the clicky pens? Can you send office memos via email instead of on paper? Do the conference room lights need to stay on all day long?

A few little tactics can save your office a ton of cash, and you can find those tactics yourself with a bit of research and foresight.

Start Some Office Initiatives

The extra energy your computers use when everyone goes home for the night is egregious. You can easily fix this problem by informing everyone in the office of the problems they are creating for the budget and show them how simple it is to fix.

Take this one step further and be a leader in your office by setting up energy-saving initiatives and making sure that your co-workers get on board with following them. Everything from turning off water while you soap your hands in the bathroom to unplugging power strips at the end of the day will make a big impact, and you can get it started.

It’s The Big Things Too

The big things are draining energy and dollars from your office as well. You can help your boss out by offering some automation solutions like an HVAC system that can be controlled from your cell phone or lights that shut themselves off when everyone is gone. Homes aren’t the only places that can be smart!

One of the most overlooked ways for offices to save money is to invest in solar panels. Yes, there is some money that is required to get started (which is why we call it an investment) but the money your business can save by creating its own clean energy will continue to add up year after year after year. What other strategies can boast those kinds of results?

Lead The Way To Energy Efficiency

Want to impress your boss but unsure of where to start? KMAC can help you determine which services will provide optimum energy efficiency for your office and can provide helpful tips for getting started.

You can be the gold star employee when you solve the office problems with innovative, cost effective solutions. It’s time to stand up and stand out. Do you have what it takes to lead and conserve?

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