EMF Testing and Protection

What are EMF’s?

Electromagnetic Fields are not new. Both the earth and the sun emit these fields. Because our bodies are electrical, we even emit extremely low-intensity electromagnetic frequencies.

Electronic device use has completely changed our lives. Inventions from light bulbs to modern computers, mobile phones, automobiles, and airplanes emit electromagnetic frequencies.

Power lines and the electricity running through our homes that operate our appliances are power-frequency EMFs. These technologies produce separate electric fields and magnetic fields and are generally considered safe. However, as far back as 1753 Jean-Antoine Nollet, French physicist and clergyman, noted headaches, nervousness, nosebleeds, and heart palpitation biological effects.

Wireless broadcasting technologies emit more intense radio frequencies (RF). They combine electric and magnetic fields which produce radiation. These technologies include wireless television, radios, computers, speakers, printers, internet, and mobile phones.

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