Knowledge is powerful in the workplace. If you are looking to advance, you must be able to impress your boss in more ways than one. Lots of people are great at their job responsibilities, but not everyone can think at such a high level as to be useful to the entire business. With tips and tricks to help your boss save money, you can position yourself as indispensable for your company.

It’s The Little Things

Every manager and business owner is concerned with the bottom line. If you go above and beyond your typical duties and present them with effective ways to save money, your bosses will have no choice but to take you seriously. How awesome would that be?

You start by doing your research when it comes to the things you use in the office. Do you really need the clicky pens? Can you send office memos via email instead of on paper? Do the conference room lights need to stay on all day long?

A few little tactics can save your office a ton of cash, and you can find those tactics yourself with a bit of research and foresight.

Start Some Office Initiatives

The extra energy your computers use when everyone goes home for the night is egregious. You can easily fix this problem by informing everyone in the office of the problems they are creating for the budget and show them how simple it is to fix.

Take this one step further and be a leader in your office by setting up energy-saving initiatives and making sure that your co-workers get on board with following them. Everything from turning off water while you soap your hands in the bathroom to unplugging power strips at the end of the day will make a big impact, and you can get it started.

It’s The Big Things Too

The big things are draining energy and dollars from your office as well. You can help your boss out by offering some automation solutions like an HVAC system that can be controlled from your cell phone or lights that shut themselves off when everyone is gone. Homes aren’t the only places that can be smart!

One of the most overlooked ways for offices to save money is to invest in solar panels. Yes, there is some money that is required to get started (which is why we call it an investment) but the money your business can save by creating its own clean energy will continue to add up year after year after year. What other strategies can boast those kinds of results?

Lead The Way To Energy Efficiency

Want to impress your boss but unsure of where to start? KMAC can help you determine which services will provide optimum energy efficiency for your office and can provide helpful tips for getting started.

You can be the gold star employee when you solve the office problems with innovative, cost effective solutions. It’s time to stand up and stand out. Do you have what it takes to lead and conserve?