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There are plenty of fancy home automation systems out there, promising to wake you gently whilst automatically brewing the morning coffee and reading last night’s footy results and while that may be a little bit over the top for you, home automation in Australia is on the rise.

Automatically turning lights on and off, setting thermostats and timers and priming your home security system are all realistic components of an effective home automation system, creating a “smarter” home that does some of the more mundane tasks for you – automatically.

If you live on the Gold Coast or other parts of South East Queensland, call KMAC Electrical on 0415 317 490. KMAC Electrical is an experienced and licensed installer of home automation systems on the Gold Coast.

We can help you with all aspects of your in home automation solution, giving you advice on the best home automation systems, what devices to include in your system, best brand solutions, sourcing and full installation of the final system. Of course, we are also always on hand for any maintenance, fault detection and repair required on your system.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation is the ultimate “universal remote” control! It controls things like lights, blinds, thermostats, garage doors, locks and audio visual equipment, from hand-held remotes, PCs, smart phones or in-wall touchscreens.

You can control and monitor these applications from anywhere you can get an internet connection, but you can also program them to be triggered by a time or a specific event, such as a door unlocking or the phone ringing.
It is all about making your life easier and having your home work the way you want it to do. Home automation is convenient, safer and above all fun!!

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So do you want all your entertainment devices accessible from one control? Or a new home cinema installed in your living room? Or control all your lighting from one convenient location? Maybe having an effective security system that automatically engages when you leave the house is important to you?

Don’t spend hours stuck in crawl spaces and passing wires through your home’s walls, hire a trained professional!

Call KMAC Electrical on 1300 781 280 and one of our home automation technicians will install, set up and wire these for you. They have a vast amount of home automation knowledge and training and are certified by all major home automation manufacturers.

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