You may not be aware but as an employer or a person conducting a business in Queensland, you have duties to ensure your workplace is safe from dangers that may be caused by electrical equipment.

As part of your duties under Queensland electrical safety laws, you must ensure electrical equipment is kept in a safe condition. According to Some of the specific duties include:

  • protecting extension leads and flexible cables from damage
  • using safety switches in certain situations
  • inspecting, testing and tagging certain electrical equipment on a regular basis
  • removing defective equipment
  • ensuring safety switches are working properly
  • avoiding the use of double adaptors and piggyback plugs for certain work
  • ensuring extension cords are regularly tested and tagged

According to the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (QLD), as an employer, you must regularly inspect and test specified electrical equipment and safety switches. This equipment inspecting and testing can differ depending on the type of work carried out so it’s always best to check the standards yourself.

What is Testing and Tagging?

Testing and Tagging is the process of inspecting or electrically testing electrical appliances and then tagging or labeling them along the way. Performing this process helps to document all the electrical safety system present in a house or a workplace. Furthermore, Test and Tag is known as an electrical risk assessment process because it eliminates the risk of electrical shocks, unpredictable fires and the breach of electrical safety laws.

Who can perform this electrical risk assessment process?

Only a competent person who is appointed by their employer can test and tag electrical appliances. By the word competent, it is emphasized that the person must have either training, prior experiences, related qualifications or a combination of all these before performing this electrical risk assessment process.

Benefits of Test and Tag:

Aside from your mandatory workplace health and safety requirements, there are other benefits of ensuring your appliances are safe, such as:

  1. Eliminates the Risk of Unpredictable Fires: Performing the Test and Tag process helps to eliminate the risk of unpredictable fires because this process highlights various problems with the electrical equipment.
  2. Helps to Avoid Malfunctions: Because of electrical equipment wear and tear over time due to factors like moisture, dust or dirt, they become more likely to malfunction in the near future. But the Test and Tag process helps to identify these issues before an unpredictable fire occurs.
  3. Comply with Australian Laws and Regulations: By following the Test and Tag process, the users of electrical equipment and appliances comply with Australian Laws and Regulations.
  4. Eliminates the Risk of Property Damage: Since the risk of unpredictable fires is eliminated by the Test and Tag process, therefore, the risk of property damage is also eliminated.
  5. Safety and Security of your Employees: Testing and Tagging ensures safety and security for families at home and/or employees at the workplace.

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