Summers are tough. They make life a living hell due to the heat one has to bear and the hike in electricity bills they have to manage somehow. Price hikes are a commonplace in summers because almost everyone increases their usage of air conditioners, refrigerators, and even swimming pools, which all require electricity for their functioning and maintenance. But it isn’t difficult to get a hold on your electricity bill in summer if you follow a few tips from Gold Coast Electricians. So what tips might they be? Well, to answer this questions in this post we have compiled an interesting list of “Top Tips for Surviving Summer from a Gold Coast Electrician”.

  1. Have Safety Inspections: According to our Gold Coast Electrician, having safety inspections before the summer starts is necessary. It is because such general safety inspections help to prepare for the high loads that are bound to occur through the summer.
  2. Service of Air Conditioners: Did you know that a serviced Air Conditioner requires less amount of electricity for great cooling as compared to a non-serviced one? Well, now you do! Our Gold Coast Electrician advises getting your Air Conditioners serviced and repaired since it is going to be heavily used throughout the summer.
  3. Test Safety Switches: Faulty safety switches are prone to trip at anytime, be it in the middle of the night or during the day, you never know. So, another great tip from our Gold Coast Electrician is to always test your safety switches or get them tested by a qualified electrician before the summer arrives. Properly working safety switches minimize any sort of nuisance tripping and protects your family from electric shock.
  4. Install Appliances on Off-Peak Tariffs: A smart way to save on electricity bills is to install all your appliances, hot water systems and pools on off-peak tariffs.
  5. Install Peak Smart Meters on Peak Smart Air Conditioners: Why is this among a top tip? Well, this is definitely going to surprise you. Energex has started a program named as the ‘Positive Payback Program’ that gives a reward if you have installed Peak Smart Air Conditioners along with Peak Smart Meters. The reward ranges from $100 to $400 depending upon the cooling capacity that ranges from less than 4kW to 10kW or more.
  6. Install Ceiling Fans: If you really want to save on your electricity bills then a great alternative to using air conditioners is the installation of ceiling fans. They consume less electricity and  in return circulate the air better.
  7. Make Your Entertainment Systems Ready: One last tip by our Gold Coast Electrician for you is to make sure that your entertainment systems are ready for this outdoor festive season. Enjoy your summer.